Assessing Socioeconomic Condition of Small-Scale Marine Fishermen in Coastal Areas of Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh

Md Golam Rabbani


The study was conducted to assume the socioeconomic condition of marine fishermen in cox’s Bazar district. The study selected 90 marine fishermen of different gears and collected data during January to March 2012. Both descriptive and statistical analyses were made to address the objectives of the study. During lean season of fishing, fishermen were engaged in agriculture as a subsidiary occupation. Head majhis of gillnet boats 20 percent of long line head majhis and 10 percent of setbag net crews took up business as subsidiary occupation. Gillnet and longline fishermen employed labour heavily in September-November period and setbag net fishermen worked hard in October-February period. Head majhis of gillnet boats got the highest remuneration (Tk 3,50,000/year) among all categories. Longline crews were at the lowest position Tk 1,11,025. The highest average annual expenditure of longline head majhis was Tk 2,98,000. The lowest average annual expenditure of longline crews was Tk 1,08,000.

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