29 Great Scholarship Essay Topics & Popular Questions

Going through each scholarship application’s essay topics and questions can get cumbersome. However, it gets easier if you can access common essay topics and popular scholarship questions. Then, you can reuse them repeatedly as you apply for more scholarships.

This article will supply common scholarship essay questions that you can start with. You can prepare an essay already on any one of these prompts and use them across multiple scholarships.

Scholarship Application Questions

There are diverse questions a scholarship committee can ask applicants. It would help if you brainstormed several subject ideas; you might come across one you did not consider before.

Sometimes, a scholarship board gives you scholarship essay questions; how you answer those questions matters. You should know what answers they expect and what information they don’t need from you.

6 College Scholarship Essay Questions:

  1. How do you believe this scholarship will help you achieve your goals?
  2. Have you contributed anything to your community: How?
  3. What are the innate or developed qualities that make you unique?
  4. What field of study are you going into?
  5. What are your career or academic goals?
  6. Why should we award you this scholarship position?

5 Other Scholarship Questions Examples:

  1. Have you ever had a moment of revelation where you’ve had your eyes opened to things you were otherwise blind to?
  2. If your friends were to write an essay about you, how would they characterize you?
  3. What dreams do you have; if you look back in 30 years, what do you hope to have achieved?
  4. How did you develop the attribute, quality, or skill that distinguishes you from everybody else?
  5. Do you typically have unwavering beliefs or philosophy: What are they?

Scholarship Essay Prompts

These are questions scholarship providers ask to decide whether an applicant deserves the scholarship or not. The way you answer scholarship essay prompts is important because you are selling yourself to the board. When answering scholarship essay prompts, you want to establish that you are high-achieving and well-deserving of the scholarship.

6 Scholarship Essay Prompt Examples:

  1. Write a short autobiography of yourself telling us about your work experience, family, hobbies, and future plans.
  2. Talk to us about a time you failed and the lessons you took from it.
  3. Tell us ways sports have impacted your life, positively or negatively.
  4. Tell us why we should award you this scholarship out of thousands of others.
  5. Tell us about a time a belief or idea of yours was challenged, how you reacted, and the result.
  6. Write a short essay telling us areas in your life, school, social, or family, where you demonstrated a leadership skill that helped you overcome an obstacle.

Scholarship Essay Topics

The scholarship application process also involves essay topics being given to the applicant. This is where an applicant gets to showcase his strength, personality, and abilities in a way that’ll compel the board. This part of the application process can be the most persuasive; therefore, you should put your all into it. Applicants are advised to have 5 to 7 pre-written essays, which can be used across different scholarship applications.

6 Popular Scholarship Essay Topics:

  1. Traits That Will Enhance My Education and Future Employments
  2. Innate/Developed Leadership Qualities That Make Me Unique
  3. A Book That Inspired Me Greatly
  4. 10 Things I have Accomplished in Life
  5. Why I Believe I Deserve This Scholarship Award
  6. Awards and Honorable Titles I Have Received

Scholarship Essay Titles

Scholarship essay prompts may require that applicants come up with titles. However, applicants sometimes find it hard to come with scholarship essay titles. Below are some ideas on scholarship essay titles that you can use to land that scholarship award.

6 Scholarship Essay Titles:

  1. The Person Who Challenged and Changed My Beliefs
  2. Goals I Plan to Achieve in 10 Years
  3. My Dreams and Aspirations
  4. Issues I Have Resolved in My Family With My Innate Leadership Skills
  5. What I Consider to Be My Biggest Success Yet
  6. Things And People That Inspire Me

In conclusion, you shouldn’t wait until you land a scholarship award before writing a scholarship topic. There are many suggestions on scholarship essay questions online, including those listed here. You should choose at least five and write on them and have professionals vet and correct them for you. As such, when the scholarship opportunity arrives, you are ready – and your chance of getting it is high!

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